There is a process to do the job right and take the time to be creative and satisfy all of your requirements. If we are on the same page, I invest my time ,at no cost to you, because I am confident that you will be more than pleased with my products, design and price. Wih my low overhead, I can provide better cabinetry expertly installed, fully guaranteed and give you full value for your investment for years to come!. Feel free to phone be to discuss your kitchen and make an appointment,​ 

Taking all the data from the first visit, I set about the task of designing by hand then creating computer color renderings of a possible design to meet your approval and price range, along with a couple of alternate ideas and prices. Often I can hit the nail on the head the first time, but if needed the plan can be tweaked or entirely overhauled. Seeing the renderings in your home is an advantage whereby you can fully understand the design and make your corrections and comments. There are design guidelines I follow,  but nothing is written in stone.

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I come to your job site and first discuss all your needs. What are you looking to achieve with your new kitchen? More storage? More counters? Better layout with new appliances? New style? All your input is important especially a frank discussion of how much you want to invest in the new kitchen. Yes, I use the word invest for unlike a new car that depreciates the minute you sign the order and drive out of the showroom you have lost thousands! The kitchen on the other hand when done correctly, immediately increases the value of your home, plus you get to enjoy and use it daily. Careful measurements are taken as well as photographs and I can show you various door styles and finishes.